Gemstone Cabochon Crystal Ball Spheres, Lilac Lepidolite, Obsidian, Green Quartz, Cats Eye, Tigers Eye

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Select from 5 different amazing 40mm Cabochons Crystal Balls! Only 1 of each type available! These gems are truly magnificent pieces of artwork from Mother Nature and offers amazing health and well-being benefits.

? Grounding
? Enhances Meditation
? Divine Protection

These gorgeous polished gemstones would be perfect for your sacred space, meditation, chakra work, crystal healing or/and for home décor.

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About the Author:

After having worked most of my life within the constraints of the corporate world, I decided to leave to pursue interests that were more in-line with my soul's desires. I became a Reiki Master and have worked with many energy healing modalities to include Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Tuning Fork Healing, Angel Card and Tarot Readings and Medicinal Herbs to name a few. I also received my Realm Reader and Aura Alchemist certifications and most recently,became a Chios Energy Practitioner. It was just in the past year however that I started to unleash my creative side by combining this experience with crystals to create Orgonites! With a deep belief in empowering others for their own spiritual healing and growth, I use Source guided inspiration to develop special pieces that are both powerful as well as aesthetically beautiful. Allowing this creative part of me to come out has been so exciting - not only do I get to work with lots of amazing crystals but I get to turn them into amazing resources for others! Life really doesn't get any better!

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