Feeling for Faux Fun love Non pierced Edition with Salmonnaturals

faux lip ring

All around the world my shop has been feeling mad love all year just wanted to share all my handmade goodies with  faux piercing lovers. I for one did not expected the wide range awesome compliments that faux nose ring trend would  bring out in people.
Body Jewellery has always been a passion not I can share with the world well crafted custom  Simple Dainty Fun nose ring septum

Nose rings Ear and Lip Cuffs Salmonnaturals Unique chic style.
Faux or Real Pierced Made to Order from Toronto, Teen gifts for fun there is to have possibilities are endless

.faux nose ring cuffs Have a fun gift for the teens in my life is key. So I hope that everyone can set outside and take a trip on the wild side with my Fake nose Ear lip rings


About the Author:

In my studio being creative is my passion. connect to Salmonnaurals social via/twitter/tumblr/facebook/pinterest if you have it feeling the love. Thanks to all my awesome fans hugs

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