Featured Artist Submission Form


My mission is to showcase the true value of handmade over mass produced.  One way to accomplish this is by allowing your customers to get to know the artist behind the work.  When your customers feel like they know a bit about you, they feel a connection that is nowhere to be found in a large box store.

In order to give your customers a chance to meet our artists, It’s Better Handmade is going to be featuring various artists and give them some much deserved front page exposure.  Now, before anyone jumps, this is NOT a favoritism game.  I will happily feature any handmade artist in that is willing to take a few minutes to fill out a short questionnaire and has a decently stocked shop.  I will be keeping a list of artists and featuring them in turn.

Now, if you are interested in being featured you are going to have to do just a bit of work.  Copy and paste the following questionnaire along with your answers and send them to me at Kimberly@itsbetterhandmade.com .  Please give me more than one or two word answers!  If there is not enough info I will send it back to you and ask for more…better too much and I will cut it down than too little and I don’t have enough to work with.

I will take these answers and work them into a featured article.  I will also be snagging some of your pictures from your shops to show off in the write up.  By filling this out, you are giving me permission to quote you and to use your pictures for the article on the site.  If there is a particular piece that you are dying to show off then please include a link to that product so that I can find it and I will do my best to include it in the article.

So, if you are ready to open yourself up to the world…let’s begin!


-Tell me about you; no, not your medium, but about you as a person.  What do you do in addition to art or are you an artist full time?  What do you like to do when you are not creating?  Do you have a family, job, other hobby?  Basically, tell me about you apart from your work.

-What is your chosen medium/mediums to work with?  Why did you choose this medium?  What is it about this medium that gets your heart racing to create?  How did you find it?

-How did you get started creating?  Was it obvious your entire life that creativity was part of you?  Did a family member encourage you or did you find your creativity later in life?

-Tell me about your business.  How did you get started selling your work?  What have been the rewards of selling your work and what are some of the pitfalls of selling?  Do you sell at craft fairs or are you a strictly internet vendor?  What do you love or hate about selling?

-Where can we find you?  Do you sell elsewhere on the web?  My goal is to help you sell, wherever that may be,  so don’t hide it…give me links to your selling venues such as Artfire, Etsy, Zibbet, HandmadeArtists and I will put them out there for you.  What about FaceBook, Twitter, Stumble, etc.  Let me know where I can point customers to find you.

-What advice would you give to someone that is considering selling their work?  Would you tell them that they are nuts and run for the hills or should they go for it and put themselves out there?

-Anything else?  If I missed something important that you want the world to know, now is your chance.

See; wasn’t that painless?  Now send your answers off to me you will be notified when your feature appears so you can show it off!