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Featured Artist – The Dream Weaver

handmade dream catcherWhen did you find your passion?  Some are older when they stumble upon the thing that gives them immeasurable joy and others are children….and some?  Well, some knew from the beginning that they were meant to create!  Such is the case for Steffe Harwood of The Dream Weaver!

Being a creative child, Steffe was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged her expression.  They provided her with a variety of materials to explore, but even back then, Steffe would find new ways to use these supplies or even find unconventional supplies on her own!  Everything from knitting, beading, quilting, and sewing captured her attention.  She even sold her original clothing in high school.  After she left for college and space (those darn dorm rooms!) she switched to knit and crochet.  While she loved this work as well, the repetitive strain got to be a bit much.

dream catcherAs adulthood loomed, Steffe took a break from creating and focused on her grown up job in the architectural field.  While this is definitely a creative world, it wasn’t quite enough for this talented artist.  She realized that no matter what the day job, she had to create something for herself!  After some playing, she found her passion in the fiber arts and dreamcatchers which are a bit different from the traditional and stunning to behold.

Some are a bit nervous to put their work out there, but Steffe loves it!  She is a people person and seeing others that love her work is what keeps her working.  She does mention that while selling online is great, after doing a few markets she found that the look on her customer’s face when they find the perfect piece is such a joy!  This joy is pushing her to do more face to face selling.

When asked to give a bit of advice to other artists just starting on this handmade journey her answer was to go for it but to remember to value your time and your work.  If you are passionate about your craft and willing to put in the time and effort that an online storefront requires then you should take the plunge…the loss if it doesn’t work is minimal and the potential rewards are endless!

il_570xn-958189430_p828Also, to those that claim they are not “artistic,” Steffe wants them to know that there isn’t anyone who can’t make art.  Whether is it like anyone else’s or not, art is a joy and everyone should tap into their creative side.  For Steffe, it is the only thing that brings consistency to her complicated and ever changing life!

Are you ready to see the work of this creative powerhouse?  You can find her work in her Etsy shop!  She is always willing to talk to customers about custom orders so you can have an absolute one of a kind work of art created just for you!


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