Faux Fur Scarf, Boho Fun Fur, Eyelash Yarn, Long Scarf, Fall Colors, Sage Green, Crochet

Green Scarf_PFThis is a beautiful, handmade pretty crochet scarf. This plush long faux fur scarf is created with Sage Green and Brown fun fur stylish eyelash yarn, handmade crocheted with an intricate pattern variation of the v-stitch in brick repeat crotchet stitch.

Shades shimmering Sage Green, Brown, Goldenrod, Amber

This is a long Scarf and is approximately a generous 72 inches long by 8 inches wide. (182.88 cm x 20.32 cm)

Ready to Ship.

Moomettes Crochet

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Handcrafted in New England Crochet, Wash Cloths, Dish Cloths, Jewelry, Scarves, Accessories for Baby, Bath, Spa and Home, Amigurumi Toys, Vintage Crochet Patterns
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