Exotic Amazonian eco-jewellery crafted by Brazilian artisans.

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Handmade golden grass Amazonian hoops necklace and Maria Copacabana earrings set, eco-jewellery crafted by Brazilian artisans.
Exotic accessories made from the finest sustainable golden grass, famously known and loved by Brazilian girls worldwide! Comes separately in small black gift boxes, the perfect gift idea.

100% made in Brazil!

Approximate measurements:

Necklace size: Long / Two large golden grass circles in the shape of a number 8 / Brown waxed cotton cord
Earring size: 9.0cm
Composition: Golden grass / Color cotton finish

Each piece is individually crafted by hand using traditional weaving techniques which were passed on from generation to generation, first introduced by indigenous people around the 1930’s.

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About the Author:

We are dedicated to original and traditional Brazilian hand-made products, all of the products we offer are individually crafted, not mass produced or “made in China,” these are genuine Brazilian crafts, hand-made in Brazil by artisans communities and producer-owned associations that come from various remote regions in Brazil where they found a very powerful way to support their families by making eco-friendly jewellery and home décor. brazilartsandcrafts.com is a family-owned and family-run on-line shop created by two Brazilian brothers living in the United Kingdom, Anderson and André. Our goal is to help these underprivileged communities of artisans from Brazil, by selling and advertising their hand-made craft products worldwide. We believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives by showing the world consumer that there are other beautiful and affordable options in the market for jewellery and home décor, at the same time ensuring that local knowledge and traditions are passed on to the next generation and not lost in time, be it indigenous or popular art.

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