Eagles Stars Peace Signs Abstract Walking Stick – Cane

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This is a walking stick done in an abstract design of eagles, stars, peace signs and the lettering USA done up in american flag. There are two eagle heads and one full eagle perched on a tree branch. There are two peace signs. One done in a soft yellow and the other in a tiger lily orange. All of this is done by hand. The pictures do not do it justice.
All of our walking sticks are from wood found right here on our property in West Virginia. They are dried and cured and tested. The bark is then stripped and the sanding process begins. I then draw on the artwork and start to engrave and burn it into the wood. Back to sanding after that. Then it gets painted and several coats of polyurethane. We add a rubber tip for stability.Three Eagle USA - 3Three Eagle USA - 2Three Eagle USA - 1

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