Dragonfly and Turquoise Bracelet

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The detail on this chunky pewter dragonfly is just amazing. Click through the pictures for a close up of the top and underside of this gorgeous little masterpiece handcrafted by Green Girl Studios. Turquoise magnesite ovals are wire wrapped for security and strength. Completed with a robust lobster claw clasp. This bracelet is 8 inches long. What a fun addition to any outfit!Jewlery 01-2016_earrings_0002_0079Jewlery 01-2016_bracelets_0002_0053Jewlery 01-2016_earrings_0002_0078

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My name is Tracey Workman. I have been making jewelry for about 15 years. I have always been of the crafty persuasion, but got interested in jewelry when I could not find a necklace to go with an outfit that I both liked, and could afford. What started as a trip to the craft store has become a life's passion. I love the creative process in designing new pieces and, let's just be honest, banging on metal with a hammer is a great stress reliever. I love working with copper. It has so many different personalities. I find it's natural state so warm and appealing. Adding patina and aging it gives it a whole different depth and feel. I love mixing copper with brass, silver and iron, for different looks. Wearing one mixed metal piece allows you to layer all of your other pieces and have them play very nicely together. I welcome custom orders. For prom, weddings, bridesmaids...we can work together to design your one of a kind gifts, or something special, just for you. You can contact me at daisybeadworks@yahoo.com, or leave me a message on my Facebook page, Daisy Beadworks Handcrafted Jewelry. Check me out on Pinterest, Instagram and on Twitter too!

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