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Don’t Step on a Bee Day!

You ever step on a bee?  Not fun!  I didn’t realize that this was cause for a holiday….but hey, who am I to question it!

Just a note before we share some amazing handmade treasures featuring Bee-utiful works of bee art….if you do get stung, the two remedies I found that actually work to take away the itch and burn are toothpaste (and you smell minty fresh at the same time!) and a mix of baking soda, vinegar, and meat tenderizer (and then if you go into the sun you smell like a really good steak!).

Now, on to the fabulous finds from some amazing artists who took their inspiration from the bees!

IBH Dont Step on a Bee Day

LadyBee OOAK Fantasy Art doll by Marina

bee lady fashion art doll


From Marina’s Passion for Art Dolls comes this amazing lady, all decked out in yellow and black!  This bee-utiful art doll is sure to bring a smile to any bee lover’s face or even just brighten up a room!  Head to toe, this bee lady has got it all.

Queen Bee Necklace

yellow handmade bee necklace

Atoria Studios shows us that bees are beautiful!  This stunning necklace is just subtle enough to be worn every day and just flashy enough to get you noticed.  Bee-utiful colors and a small little bee holding the drop makes sure that you will own a one of a kind piece of wearable art with this necklace.

Orange You Glad I Am Your Honey Lip Balm

orange honey lip balm

One of my favorite things about bees is the honey!  Larissa of Reef Botanicals has captured the smoothness of honey with just a touch of orange to make it pop in this yummy lip balm.  Don’t let your lips suffer this year when you can thank a bee and have them smooth, kissable and Bee-utiful!


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