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Barbie house twins (toddler) rooms. Set of 7 BIG elements.

1 Twins bed Size: 18 cm- Width, 15 cm- Height, 11 cm- Depth
2 Desk with a curbstone (The door opens) Size: 16.5 cm- Width, 10 cm- Height, 7.5 cm- Depth
3 Chair to the desk Size: 6.5 cm- Width, 10 cm- Height, 5 cm- Depth
4 School desk Size: 9 cm- Width, 10 cm- Height, 10 cm- Depth
5 Board for drawing and writing Size: 8,5 cm- Width, 12 cm- Height, 4 cm- Depth
6 Rocking chair Size: 7,5 cm- Width, 12 cm- Height, 7.5 cm- Depth
7 Rocking horse Size: 6,5 cm- Width, 9 cm- Height, 12 cm- Depth

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