Deluxe Handmade Firefly Serenity Wallet. Get one for YOUR browncoat!

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Firefly Serenity Wallet- Browncoats know You can’t take the sky from me! I love this Firefly Serenity wallet. The vivid orange and yellow really pop! This wallet is all about fun. If you are a Firefly Serenity fan, carrying it with you all day is a bonus. This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s birthday, or for an anniversary gift. It is guaranteed to make the recipient go bananas because of its uniqueness. He/she will never see another wallet like this one again. Especially, if you have it monogrammed for free. So if you have a diehard Firefly Serenity fan to buy for, this is your best bet for a memorable gift.


This is a handcrafted leather wallet. I cut out the shape, carved the design, and hand stitched this wallet. No machines were used. Just me and my hampering cats in my little craft shop. This wallet will last you a lifetime and it will get more beautiful with age. How many things can you say that about? With regular use it will develop a burnished look and will mold to the shape of the pocket you keep it in. The interior of this wallet is soft and tough. Up to12 credit cards fit snugly into assigned slots (more if you don’t mind it bulging a bit). There are 2 compartments for cash or slips of paper. It is hand stitched with tough nylon sinew that has 70lb test strength.


About the Author:

My name is Ellen and I am a Leather Work Artisan. I make handmade leather accessories of Cool Geek Stuff from your favorite Geeky Fandoms like Star Wars, Supernatural, Dr Who, Disney Bounders, DC, and Marvel. I also make custom cosplay accessories and props for your cosplay hobby. All my Cool Geek Stuff is Made To Order so you can use your imagination and give a unique collectible gift to the "number 1" nerd, geek, or bounder in your life! Best of all SHIPPING is FREE.

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