Custom-Designed, Hand-Made Invitations

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In the pictures, you see examples of some of my latest invitation creations – they are custom-designed, hand-made, and unique.

Please let me make invitations for your upcoming event – bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, weddings, etc!

My invitations are unique to the event and the individual, as I design the layout, color, and shape based on the theme of the event then hand write the invitation before duplicating it. Due to the time involved in making sure I create the best invitations, it does take roughly two weeks for a final product. As I design the invitation, I will keep you updated and seek your input as the customer.

The invitations include envelopes. There is an option to include addressed envelopes as well.

I look forward to helping create special, unforgettable invitations for you and/or your loved ones in 2017!

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About the Author:

As some background information, I have been making custom-designed, hand-made invitations and presents for my closest friends for the past four years. I love seeing my friends' reactions to their invitations and presents - it is so exciting to be able to create something special for someone! Creating these items is also a great escape from my busy life as a social worker, so I am hoping to share my creations with others now.

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