Copper Wire Wrapped Amazonite Pendant

Every wire wrapped pendant I make ends up a little different. It’s as if the stone and the wire have their own ideas about where they want to go, and I’m just the one with the pliers to move them there.

This copper wire wrapped Amazonite cabochon pendant ended up with loops and swirls with teal crystal beads woven in. The copper contrasts beautifully with the blue green color of the stone and the crystal beads add a little sparkle. The pendant comes with a brown waxed cotton cord with a handmade copper clasp.


About MiscellaneaEtcetera

I have always been crafty, but got hooked on jewelry design in college. I enjoy making a variety of jewelry types from wire wrapping to chainmaille to bead weaving and beyond. I also dabble in other crafts which may occasionally make their way into my shop.
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4 Responses to Copper Wire Wrapped Amazonite Pendant

  1. Great wire wrapped pendant.

  2. Oh goodness, that is just a lovely pendant! You are extremely talented!

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