Copper Tree of Life Earrings Hand Stamped!

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These nature jewelry earrings are handstamped pieces of art!

The lightweight copper earrings were cut with metal snips, shaped and textured on the edges. To create the tree earrings, each branch, section of tree trunk, leaves, and grass were stamped and etched individually by hand.

To slow the oxidation process, I have applied a coating of Jax Tarnish Preventer to the copper. Storing your copper in ziploc bags or other containers will also slow down the oxidation process and preserve the shininess of your metals.

This is a perfect gift for nature lovers, mothers, family tree researchers, genealogists, gardeners, tree lovers, and grandmothers!

-The copper tree earrings are 1 1/8 inch long by 7/16 inches wide

-Very light-weight (Each earring weighs less than 0.1 ounce.)

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About the Author:

Hi, I am Nicole from "Just Happy Accidents" and I make hammered, stamped and wired metal and copper jewelry. I also upcycle old buttons into jewelry and art and make beautiful fabric garlands. Trying new techniques and starting new hobbies has led me to many Happy Accidents! Watching Bob Ross and life experiences have taught me that what we originally think of as mistakes can actually be Happy Accidents!

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