Contribute an Article

Are you one of those talented people in the handmade marketplace that are willing and able to help others succeed!  Are you willing to contribute an article to the IBH site, with proper credit of course?  If so, start writing!  Your article can be anything from selling online, to craft shows, to marketing, to promotion.  You could post a tutorial about a process or a new idea to make a process easier.  Basically anything to do with creating, marketing and selling handmade items are an option.

A few requests…

-Please make this an original article and not one cut and pasted from your blog but a fresh article.  Google loves fresh content so please do not submit an article that you have previously posted elsewhere.

-Pictures!  Yes, I love color!  Pictures are a great way to get attention so include appropriate pictures in your article.  Please be sure that those images are yours to use.  If you do include another’s image, please credit that person and link to their site.  I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due.  Also on images, please make them family friendly.  I have no issues with mature items, but I am firm that all content on this site (images and written word) be safe for work.

-Be sure to credit yourself!  You are more than welcome to include links to your shop or blog at the end of your article for all to see.


If you are ready to contribute, please send me your article including links or attachments of the images you want used to .  I will email you when your article is published either under the Tips and Tutorial for medium related articles, or under the Handmade Jargon tab for selling and marketing writing.  If you have a question regarding whether or not your article idea is appropriate, please contact me so we can talk.  I am open to most all opinions and completely understand that one thing does not work for all handmade sellers so bring them on!