Coffee Mug Embedded with Coffee Beans

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I love using food in decorative ways; so many of the things we eat are aesthetically beautiful in addition to being tasty! And coffee beans, to me, are one of those foods.

So, I came up with the idea of embedding layers of coffee beans into the bottom of an actual coffee mug. I wanted the mug and the embedding medium to be as transparent as possible to really show off the organic beauty of the coffee beans. These mugs are especially striking when they are full with, for instance, coffee!

The original capacity of the mugs is 16 fluid ounces; with the embedded beans, the capacity ranges from 13 – 14 ounces.

These mugs are made with a resin that has been declared food-safe by the FDA. Meanwhile, I have done extensive testing of how the mugs hold up under typical mug usage. To summarize: they do fine with either hot or cold liquids, they are easy to clean with regular dish soap and water, and they do not impart any off-flavors into the contents. Any questions? Message me! I’ll do what I can to help.

Sold individually for $18 each or $65 for a set of 4.

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