Circle Collage Abstract Glass Art Stained Glass Pane

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Circle Collage Abstract Art Stained Glass Panel

14.5 inches X 19 inches
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This unique abstract stained glass panel is handcrafted with various colors and textures of stained glass circles, resembling bubbles. Hundreds of circles, each individually cut and ground by hand, were used to create this abstract glass panel. This original abstract glass art was handcrafted using the traditional “Tiffany Style” stained glass method (aka copper foil stained glass), soldered with lead and reinforced with a zinc frame. The solder and frame are treated with black patina, and the stained glass panel is then polished with carnauba wax for shine and to protect from oxidation.

Wire rings are securely soldered to the top corners of the abstract circle stained glass panel for hanging. Black chain is included.

“Jodeliece Bradstreet” original stained glass design.

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Jodeliece Bradstreet's Glass House features handmade Tiffany style stained glass panels, sun catchers, ornaments, and holiday decorations. Custom order a special stained glass design for your home or a stained glass gift for a loved one.

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