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Christmas Rustic Wood Gift Box gold

This wooden gift box is a CarolaFlowerDesigns original creation. Not only is the ecofriendly holidays gift box and rustic brown burlap color scheme, it also features an orange peel flower.

This wooden gift box can be used for wedding table décor, alternative gift wrapping, jewelry, home décor, or even a candy dish in your home! This piece is hand painted with oak paint for the body, complimented with a preserved moss and burlap, inside the box has also preserved reindeer moss and a lace ribbon and finished with a gold orange peel flower.

This wood gift box measures 4″ inches and 2″ 1/2 inches deep. Ready to ship!   


About the Author:

I have 30 years of experience as floral designer and handmade crafts. When i was 12 years old I started creating handmade wreaths, garlands, floral arrangements, centerpieces for all season. Since, I have non-stop to create beautiful floral designs for Corporations special events, weddings, with fresh and dry flowers. For some reason i have a natural intuition when it comes to create a custom design for my customers. Probably, because I love what i do and it Sounds crazy, but flowers give me energy and peaceful around my house and my studio. When it comes to new ideas, i create my own designs. The nature mother earth and my customers are my inspiration. They are very important to me and my goal is to always have 100% customer satisfaction.

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