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Chainmail Maille Armour Copper Bracer Handcrafted with Suede Leather Lace on Handmade Artists’ Shop

handmade chainmaille braceletHandcrafted copper bracer is made from reclaimed electrical wire. Closes around wrist with the 36″ black suede leather lace. Done in the 4-in-1 armour pattern. Composed of 14 gauge, 5/16″ Inside Diameter rings. Keep in mind the suede lace may shed a bit until it is used for awhile. I stripped the copper myself from the cable for use in crafts. The recycled copper is not new and tends to develop a patina sooner than brand new store bought copper wire.

My Maille is entirely handmade by me. I wind the wire on a mandrel, cut each link by hand and assemble the piece with pliers using both ancient and modern patterns in my designs. I make what is called butted or butt-ended maille. This means the ring is closed by lining up the ends of the link one against the other. The rings are cut individually using a bolt-cutter with the ends of each link forming a double-sideways >< at the closure. This type of ring closure seems to work well for maille armour.

Please note that this item is made with reclaimed, recycled and rescued metal. Exact alloys may not always be known. The piece may contain small dips, dents, scratches, grinding marks, etc. that make the metal piece unique. Copper will smell like copper and may develop a patina. These characteristics should be expected on a one-of-a-kind piece such as this.

This is an original piece of work created by me in the U.S. All images, text, artwork Copyright ©Julie Kindt.

I do not make custom work at this time. My Artwork is for enjoyment, wearing and visual pleasure. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries, allergies or damage of any sort sustained when using, maintaining or wearing my pieces. Items are made for adult use and not intended for children.

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