bold resin handmade plexiglass plastic bracelet cuff with Shoebox apartments graphic made by Sofia Youshi

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An architectural pattern on that resin bracelet is inspired by a true story. This shoebox apartments can barely fit a bed in the space. Imagine the sink and front door both within reaching distance from the bed. The naked bulb hangs over a tiny table with one chair and the only practical way to browse the wardrobe appears to be standing on the bed. The estate agent who said that planning permission was granted to use the block as student accommodation has revealed that he was forced to remove this apartments from listing due to threatening phone calls.

This bracelet that can be worn either up or down is available in medium size – 1 3/8″ (34 mm) high, with a 2 5/8″ (68 mm) inner diameter that fits most women. All my contemporary resin bracelet cuffs are handcrafted. There is a waterproof base print that can be washed in warm water and dried with a cloth.herzBB 108

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Sofia Youshi

About the Author:

After school for design and photography I worked in theaters. My formal training was primarily in Industrial design, drawing and constructing objects for people. My activities have included costume, set, puppet, toys and visual promotion design, sound creating, acting, directing, choreography and performing. My work includes exhibitions as well as documentary videos and dance performances. Since 1995 I have been working on computer art: music, graphics, animation, logo-types, and have been creating web-sites and participating in Computer Demo parties, signing my work with the pseudonym Sofia Youshi. Ten years ago I started to work with animals in zoos. I create constructions and toys to enrich their life. I am integrating knowledge from biology and ethology into design for animals. After many years of experimenting with various media I discovered that designing items for animals and the challenge of investigating animal behavior best expressed my personal vision of living together on this planet. My work makes people and animals stop, look, smell and touch.

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