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Blue Terrarium Recycled Blue Glass Mosaic Candle

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Plant Terrarium made with blue stained glass scrap as a glass-on-glass mosaic — terrarium / vase / candle holder / bowl / blue gift.

All materials used to make this blue terrarium are recycled. The blue glass scrap pieces have unique textures, some are iridescent, and others have beautiful blue-amber patterns. Each piece of glass is hand cut and made as a mosaic on clear recycled glass candle holder. Grouted light gray with some silver glitter and sealed for moisture protection.

Size: 4.25″ all around.

This upcycled one-of-a-kind mosaic bowl has many unique uses: it can hold air plant as a terrarium. A few tea light candles will light up this unique glass mosaic to a beautiful ray of blue shades, or keep it in the window to expose unique transparent glass patterned pieces. A beautiful blue gift!

It is made with recycled materials only: a heavy clear glass square candle holder and transparent textured glass scrap that looks great in any light.

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