Black Star Sapphire and Amethyst Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Sustainable sterling silver wirewrapped crystals with a heart around them and sterling chain.

Black Star Sapphire
~Confidence in intuition
~Grounding and centering; calmness and strength in stress or chaos
~Dispels doubt, anxiety, and sorrow
~Protective of the clairvoyant, mediums, and against radiation
~Talisman for financial independence
~Star represents manifestation of Divine qualities in daily life; angels of faith, hope, and destiny
~Manifestation of ideas
~Excellent for artists and creatives
~Focus of healing work
~Used for throat problems, fever, nose bleeds, cardiovascular health, endocrine support, burns, and tuberculosis

~Calming and purifying improving temperament and alleviating addictions and addictive behavior (&OCD); Reduces anger, violent tendencies, calms passion
~Boosts self-esteem and skills in decision-making, public speaking, and negotiation helping cope with responsibility, nervousness, tension and over sensitivity
~Supports emotional energy and aids mental balance
~Promotes flow and moving forward in life; Helps rid of pain and tension
~Good for circulation, heart, immunity, blood clots, fighting infection, cancer. Good for hormones, stomach, liver, pineal, pituitary, endocrine glands, skin, bones, teeth, hearing, balance, posture, and stress response systems. Aids detoxing, headaches, migraines, acne, asthma, ME, arthritis
~Enhances energy levels and connection the physical world; Stimulates desire to live life from an objective and experiential perspective
~Encourages spiritual wakefulness; Promotes sense of justice and honesty; Stimulates higher mind and brain function
~Helps to clarify inner and dream images; Bestows inspiration and intuition
~Reminds of co-creative ability and reveals self-destructive patterns and experiences that have led to manifestation at a physical level

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I am artist driven by the love of using natural and recycled materials. Also a spiritual guide, life coach, and healer. I love life and spreading this love to all!

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