Beautiful dream catcher keychain

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Handmade dream catcher by DreamsDimension
★ Diameter 3″, Length 12″
★ One of a kind
★ Ready to ship

This cute dream catcher keychain is perfect as a lucky talisman or a bag charm. It’s woven with glossy microfiber yarn, which is soft as silk and very nice to touch. Unlike common dream catchers, this one is made to catch good luck.

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About the Author:

Catch your dreams! I like to find interesting supplies that inspire me to create something unusual so that each one of my dreamcatchers would be completely unique. I mostly use plastic hoops and beads, because plastic is light-weight and practical and it also allows for more creativity. When I weave, I like to listen to fantasy audio books. Practically all of my works are associated with some novels, fairy tales or poems. I consider myself a dreamer and I like the idea of some magical dream world, where everything is possible. Every single one of my dreamcatchers is very special to me and is a whole different story.

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