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I love handmade, and I love to crochet. I especially love to crochet toys and cute items for children. This is how Yarn Varmints came to be. Varmints are not the only thing I crochet, but they are my favorites. While I design most of the items on my website, I still enjoy crocheting other people's designs and have quite a library of patterns from very talented and skilled designers. The finished projects from these designs can usually be viewed on my Facebook page. I invite you to visit both of these sites to see what I am up to. And I would be happy to do a custom order for you as well.

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Yarn Varmint Crocheted Three-horned Monster. A Perfect Pal

Yarn Varmint Crocheted Three-horned Monster. A Perfect Pal

This guy is one of favorite crocheted  creations.  I love his big eye and toothy grin!  He is crocheted with acrylic yarn and stuffed with poly-fill.   At about six inches tall he is just the perfect size for little hands to hold and hug.   He is washable, which is a plus for children”s toys. […]