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Hallo there!
My name is Benedikt Schütte and borned 1978. I´m the artist of the Bears.
I made bears since 2003, because my mom didn´t want to make one for me.
She said, i can do it by myself. So that is it why i´m making bears and
never stopped it. Ok my first bear was not a bear it was an elephant.
But than i made bears. At the beginning i use many differnt fabrics. Plush
was the first and some of the bears looked like a swab. The hair was to long and it was a bad
quality. But when i´m getting better, i started to work with mohair. After some time, to my
patterns came new creations like duck, bate, snake, more elephants, spyder, crazy bears.......
And it never stops!

TED worldwide winner 2016

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Lysander is a 14cm tall bear. He has black glass eyes and is filled with Fiberfill. His fur is from Schulte Mohair and with his 5 joints he can run and run and run. Product URL: