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Hello, My name is Claudia Colarusso of
Karla Russo Jewelry Designs. Inode of my dad, I have gone by the name Karla Russo; for his encouragement and journey he started me on.

I have been collecting minerals, rocks, and crystals for quite some time. As my collection grew with bigger pieces, I decided to wear my smaller ones as jewelry. After getting into the metaphysical aspect of each piece, I would choose a different one every day depending on what my Spirit needed! I wanted more!
Buying polished semi-precious gems from all over the world, Peru, Madagascar, India, Israel, and Asia, for myself, I needed excuses to relieve the guilt of my obsession of these beauties. To see the colors, the markings, the design that Mother Nature quarried, I decided to make jewelry and started “Naturally Yours Jewelry” now named Karla Russo Jewelry Designs after my rock in life, my dad.

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Earrings of Summertime Blues of the Ocean

Earrings of Summertime Blues of the Ocean

Everyone knows how many Shade the Ocean can be. From the West Coast to East Coast. I have paired these up with Melon Czech discs to allow the Blue and Greens be as Different as the Oceans Colors that I saw. Summertime Blues. This has 10mm Czech Faceted Fire Polished Round Glass Beads, Drizzled with […]