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Galician Stained Glass Studio is a premiere stained glass supply and installation company serving home builders, architects, and homeowners in New Jersey and surrounding states. Galician Stained Glass Studio produce both traditional style work, unique contemporary stained glass artwork, and perform stained glass restoration projects. We offer a range of services that can meet the structural and design needs of most commercial or residential projects. Our studio offers only the finest American materials available for long lasting beauty durability and functionality. We make every effort to effectively change and adapt to our customers’ needs. The stained glass works we do reflects modern art movements on this age -old art platform. Galician Stained Glass tries to break a mindset of people who thinks that stained glass belongs only to the churches. Our goal is to bring this lively visual art into all venues including homes, offices and public buildings you name it. Every piece of cleared glass can be substitute with unique and stylish stained glass design and the result from it can be absolutely stunning.
There are so many ways to apply stained glass art in your dwelling. Few of our options include stained glass windows and doors, wall clocks, ceiling panels, skylights, partial walls, transoms, shower enclosures, cabinet and furniture doors, table tops, stained glass lamps, jewelry boxes, custom holiday decorations, and much more!
One of the exclusive services that we provide is creating framed, back lit stained glass portraits.
Please check out our portfolio and our website. Can't wait to make another awesome stained glass project for you!

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Stained glass portrait of Salvador Dali
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Stained glass portrait of Salvador Dali

Hand made stained glass picture of Salvador Dali, made by Galician Stained Glass LLC! We used the highest quality of American glass for this picture! Can be framed with a lights behind, so you can see the real beauty of the glass. Also you can use it like a wall lamp! Will be perfect fit […]

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