Aither v9: Beautiful light sapphire Swarovski crystal steampunk Pendant

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Aither v9AITHER: The Protogenos (first-born elemental god) of the bright, glowing upper air of heaven – the substance of light. Above him lay the solid dome of the sky-god, Ouranos, and below, the transparent mists of earth-bound air. In the evening his mother Nyx drew her veil of darkness between the aither and the aer to bring night to man. In the morn his sister-wife Hemera dispersed these mists, revealing the shining blue aither of day. Night and day were regarded as quite independent of the sun in the ancient cosmogonies. Aither was one of the three “airs”. The middle air was Aer or Khaos, a colourless mist which enveloped the mortal world. The lower air was Erebos, the mists of darkness, which enveloped the dark places beneath the earth and the realm of the dead. The third was the upper air of aither, the mist of light, home of the gods of heaven. It enveloped the mountain peaks, clouds, stars, sun and moon. The stars themselves were said to be formed from the concentrated fires of aither.

A bold and delicate steampunk pendant sure to dress up any ensemble with retaining rings, Silver Plated wire, light sapphire Swarovski crystals and a bold silver clock hand

Pendant Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches tall x 3/4 inch wide
18 inch Silver Plated rolo chain with a 3 inch extender chain

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