6 Peg Coat Rack with Shelf

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6 Peg Coat Rack with Shelf:

Made with:
– Various Barn & Pallet Woods
– 1″ x 3″ Square Bolts
– Nails

L) 39.5″
W) 11″
D) Top 6″ & Bottom 3.5″

Posted in: Woodworking
Manly-Man Designs

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I offer a variety of items such as EDC (Every Day Carry), Coins, Coasters, Jewelry Boxes, Valet Trays, Cabinetry, Coat Racks, Leash Racks, Key Racks & Paracord Lego Fobs. Using a range of materials including barn wood, pallet wood, fence wood, vintage crates, nuts and bolts, railroad spikes, leathers, copper, fabrics, paracord and Lego just to name a few. Please visit my Instagram or Facebook pages for further details and a resume of past creations; it's like an ongoing Manly-Man Yearbook ?

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