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50 Natural Handmade Pine Wooden Toy Building Blocks

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koka_klucisi4_mazs50 natural eco friendly handmade wood toy building blocks with ribbed and smooth surface. Our wooden toy building blocks bring back the memories from childhood and the natural wooden smell from childhood. They are made just like the blocks we had in our own childhood – big enough for playing, smooth for the little fingers and with no sharp edges. And completely natural. Absolutely safe, natural and non-toxic. CE certificate. A wonderful gift idea for children.

Before we go to the technical details of the product, let us share a very personal story about these wooden blocks.

Producing wooden blocks for children is a small family business for us. We are a young family with two lovely kids. The eldest, Valters, is 3,5 years old and he LOVES playing with these building blocks made by his Dad. Every day after coming home from preschool educational institution we hear several kinds of sounds while he is playing with the blocks – he imagines them to be cars, trains, bikes, he builds houses, castles, towers and he imagines them to be telephones, TVs etc.

Valters has a very special friend in his preschool educational institution – a cute girl called Jenny. One evening we asked Valters about his wishes on Christmas presents. He answered that he would like to receive new books from Santa Claus. Then we asked – “And what about your girlfriend Jenny? What would she want to receive on Christmas?” He answered: “I will give her a part of my wooden blocks”. We asked: “Why?” (you know, it is the most typical question by our 3 year old) And he seriously answered: “Then we both will be able to build a bridge to each other’s house…”.

Technical details

The package contains:
25 wooden blocks with ribbed surface;
25 wooden blocks with smooth surface.

We offer natural handmade wooden blocks with ribbed surface and with smooth surface, so that little fingers can learn the difference between several textures. The blocks are made of pine; treated with linseed oil. Packed in a linen bag. Set includes 50 pieces of squares, rectangles, cylinders and triangles (7 different sizes). 100% handmade.

Rectangles: 0.8×1.6×3.1 inches (20x40x80mm); 0.8×1.6×1.6 inches (20x40x40mm); 0.8×0.8×3.1 inches (20x20x80mm)
Squares: 1.6×1.6×1.6 inches (40x40x40mm)
Cylinders: 1.1×3.1 inches (28x80mm); 1.1×1.6 inches (28x40mm)
Triangles: 2.4×1.6×1.6 (60x40x40mm)
NB! Do to the weight of this item, there will be a higher shipping rate!

Wooden blocks are one of those few toys that will last for many decades…and children will be willing to play with them again and again. Children enjoy this toy from toddler age to age 13 and even beyond. This means that wooden blocks are a great investment!

Wooden blocks are a very versatile toy. They don’t just do one thing – they can be whatever the child wants them to be – a house, a castle, a car, even a telephone…

We truly believe that every kid in the world deserves his set of wooden blocks! 🙂

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